Breathe in the benefits of an Agarbathi

How the west is embracing Yoga, Ayurveda and Eastern Wellness philosophies, and our Humble Indian Agarbathi have become an intrinsic part of this movement.

Incense burning has a long-standing history with Indian homes and lifestyles, with the custom dating back to thousands of years. The origin of this practice can be traced back to the rich Indian culture and spirituality, with agarbathis being an intrinsic part of both. Therefore, India is one of the world’s leading agarbathi producers, also catering to the growing demand for it from the western countries.

Besides having unanimous acceptance by all faiths, agarbathi are said to be a natural catalyst of calm and spirituality. It is also used to encourage relaxation, aid sleep, promote concentration, stimulate creativity and enhance motivation. The fragrances of incense sticks are said to have medicinal properties and are inherently soothing, making them extremely congenial for meditation, yoga and anything to do with personal wellness. This has led to its increased use in yoga studios, wellness and meditation centers globally.

With the West showing a growing interest in Ayurveda, Yoga and various forms of meditation and eastern wellness philosophies, the humble Indian agarbathi, too, have seen a rising popularity in these countries and have carved a niche for themselves over the years. Exceptional quality, packaging and comforting fragrances have played a key role in triggering its demand across the world.

According to a recent report, the United States of America, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Nigeria rank as the top 4 countries currently importing and consuming agarbathi. Meditation, yoga and Ayurveda have caught on rapidly in these countries. Incense sticks are known to offer psychological benefits by calming the mind and improving one’s meditation experience.

Amongst other factors responsible for the uptick in the global demand for Indian agarbathis, is the pandemic which made people pay more attention to personal wellness. It also shifted the world’s focus on products that create an ambience ideal for well-being and tranquility and to keep panic and stress levels under check. The pandemic also led many individuals to resort to faith and spiritual renewal during this time, of which agarbathi are again an integral part. Several studies have also suggested that agarbathi can be used as an air purifier, stress reliever and natural sedative to treat sleep disorders and anxiety issues. of.

By manufacturing consistently high-quality incense sticks, India has managed to dominate the agarbathi’ industry over the decades. The Indian government has also been lending adequate support to the industry by introducing favourable policies to aid the local manufacturers and further boost commerce and export. The Indian agarbathi’ industry is currently one of the most export-oriented industries in the country with incense sticks being exported to over 150 countries today. Between 2012 and 2016, the export of agarbathi from India amounted to $498.02 million, which is a commendable figure. Additionally, exports were growing at a CAGR of around 11.5% between this period amounting to a growth of over $100.02 million.