Prayer and Agarbathi help people stay calm in these challenging times

They have played a vital role in our personal wellness and well-being during WFH.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led us to navigate across uncharted waters on many fronts with new and varied obstacles. The majority of the world’s workforce is currently working from home full-time, away from their co-workers, friends, and, in some cases, their families too. Although working from home is not a new phenomenon, the pandemic made it an unplanned necessity for most of the working population, including those that did not prefer it otherwise.

With most office-goers in India and around the world remotely clocking in their work hours, this transition has resulted in higher levels of anxiety and stress. It has affected the general health, well-being and overall productivity of many individuals. According to researchers, the constant stream of emails, virtual meetings, and social media updates, along with mandates to work from home and stay inside, has wreaked havoc on people’s day-to-day lives and the overall spirit. Job risks, vulnerability of the elderly and the compulsion to change/alter one’s routine and lifestyle have taken a toll on people’s mental and physical health.

Agarbathis or incense sticks come with many uses and merits. They are popularly used to soothe and relax the mind. People are increasingly using agarbathis for their refreshing and energizing effects on their surroundings, more than ever in these uncertain times and the prolonged work-from-home culture. Data collected from various published research and journals also point to the fact that certain fragrances have a direct and instant influence on human psychology and physiology. Agarbathis have become a natural catalyst of psychological and spiritual elevation in Indian and western households alike.

Agarbathis stimulate one’s senses and calm the nerves, consequently reducing anxiety, while enhancing productivity by stimulating neural connections. They are a source of comfort for people in the protracted pandemic scenario and help one cope better in the longer term. Additionally, this pandemic has made many of us reflect on our ways and habits, as we devised our own unique approaches to achieve a work-life balance. Many of us are becoming more spiritually inclined by integrating practices such as yoga, meditation and agarbathis in our way of life.

We can enjoy the benefits of agarbathis whether at home, work, study or meditation, as they encourage concentration and productivity and help us unwind and relax. They instil a sense of peace in our physical space and lives, without having to spend too much money or time in the process. Hence, it would be fair to conclude that agarbathis are effortless harbingers of calmness.