Arjun M Ranga

As I transition into the role of President of AIAMA, I want to thank all our Past Presidents, Vice Presidents, Managing Committee, the Secretariat and most importantly our Members for their continued support and dedication towards ensuring the success of AIAMA.

The world today is changing faster, unpredictably and with greater shifts that ever before; politically, economically, socially & technologically. COVID has created a new-normal, a state of perpetual flux and the future is uncertain. Our industry is faced with challenges in all fronts. These are testing times for us. With this change, we are experiencing disruption, we are constantly challenged in all paradigms of business and are at pivotal point in the inflection of a movement that is demanding transparency and conformance every day. As an industry deep rooted in tradition and culture and providing employment to lakhs of underprivileged households throughout our nation, we should stand as one and proudly declare our position as a truly local industry.

Technology has almost erased physical boundaries and is making the world a real playground, abound with opportunity and creating a highly interrelated and interdependentworld. But somewhere in all this chaos, there is still an element of humanity and caring that bridges the gap between the then and the now, preparing us for a better tomorrow.

Our high level objectives for AIAMA are to :

  • facilitate local manufacturers become globally competitive,
  • ensure better advocacy and foster strong partnerships with our government,
  • build awareness amongst youth about our industry,
  • create sustainable models to facilitate raw material supply

To fulfill our objectives, Managing Committee of AIAMA 2020 we will depend on the advice, guidance and active participation of all our members, Past Presidents, members seniors of our industry. I am ever thankful to my father Sri RN Murthy for teaching me to always give back rolex replica to our industry and for instilling a sense of pride in me; my Uncle Sri R Guru for playing the role of a mentor and teaching me to be just.

Our Past President Sarath Babu along with his managing committee have created a legacy that will be hard to emulate. On behalf of the AIAMA team of 2020, I assure our Agarbathi fraternity that we will do our bestto uphold the traditions and values of our industry.

Itis my privilege announce the release of Sowrabha for the year 2020 and sincerely thank the advertisers for their benevolence.